IMDrops Image Tools 3 released


Image Tools 3 now is screen capture and sharing tool. You can work with images right before: adjust brightness, crop, resize, convert and optimize it. Also you can capture screenshots, save it to different formats, publish your images and screenshots (of multiple screens) and get short links for it.

Image Tool auto updates when it needs and always at your desktop, click in tray and publish any piece of your screen to everyone you want. Upload and share your files on

On Windows ImageTools can create and process EMF files, on Linux (Gnome and Xfce desktop environments) it now has improved stability and perfomance.

Image Tools 2.3 released

Image Tools

Now image tools has adjustments for brightness, contrast and gamma, quick mail attach function and many more cool things.

Image Tools 2.2

Image Tools

We are happy to announce version 2.2 of Image Tools.

New release now are binary compatible with MONO, so you can try to execute it on your linux or os x opertaing systems. And more good news for russian users. Russian GUI translation was added to program.

Image Tools to XnView comparison (JPEG resize, crop, JPEG 2 PNG convert)

JPEG resize:

JPEG crop:

JPEG 2 PNG convert:

Image Tools 2.1.2

Image Tools

Second major version now works using multicore processing which gives you extreme perfomance on each conversion.

Image Tools 1.5

Image Tools

Now Image Tools more stable than before.

Image Tools 1.0

We are happy to announce Image Tools version 1.0 released.

Image Tools is simple, free and powerfull mass image resizer, converter, cropper, fliper/rotater, optimizer and watermarker.

More information you will find on Image Tools page

Scroll To Top Plugin 1.0

This plugin has native Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 support.

It displays simple scroll to top button. Just install and publish the plugin and you'll see a button right after your content.

1. You can define position of button - before, after the content and at the right bottom corner of your browser.

2. You can use both jQuery and simple #top method without script linking.

3. You can vary speed of smoothing.

4. Not spoil XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid pages.

And this plugin is absolutely free!

You can download the plugin from it permanent page:

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